Legacy furnace service and support BTI/Kokusai Apogee I & II & Semitherm VTP . Repairs, spare parts, upgrades.

Batch immersion & single wafer cleaning& etching. Class1Apps lab for demos and development.

Repair, Refurb and sales of Brooks, Equipe / PRI , SEZ robots,. Wide range of robots, controllers, aligners. and services Quick turn.

Supporting Bruce/BTI furnaces– new, refurb upgrades, spare parts and service. Elevator retrofit-. Apex support.

Brumley South - http://www.brumleysouth.com

KLA Tencor, ADE, Nanometrics , & Dryden metrology, particle tools. SP1, Surfscan 6000 series, Alpha Step, Pseries profilers,QIII. Refurbished and repaired.

Deposition Tech - http://www.deptechinc.com

Semi Equip Chamber Support. Cleaning, Repair,Coating Texturing and Packaging. Process kits or parts. Flame Spray, Yttria. Sputtering kits.

Furnace elements for Horizontal and Vertical furnaces, Semi/Solar applications. High temp. Pyro Torch .Interlocking high temp ceramic support to prevent sagging.

ECC (Electronic Container Corporation) - www.waferbox.com

Wafer and Solar cell handling products. Carriers, boxes, PODS, FOUPS & Shipper. Materials include Poly, PFA, PVDF and Peek


KLA Tool Support - Surfscan 6000 series, F5, FX5, UV1050, 1080, 1250, 1280 - Spectra Fx 100,200, profilometers. Repairs, Service contracts, Field Service Support, Spare Parts, Parts Repair. 3rd party tool support for SP1, SP2, Archer 10 & 5000 series. Used/refurbished equipment.

Wet benches – Chem dely. IPA Dryer,Rotary Etcher, Fume Hoods, fume scrubbers Heated Quartz tanks.

Semi & Solar industries. New/refurbished SRD’s, table top 75mm- 300mm. Semitool - Verteq Double stacks or table top units. Tool audits. Spare parts.

Phoenix Innovation

Heater/pedestal & ESC 's refurbished and surplus. Spare parts and kits available for most OEM's.. AMAT, Lam, Novellus, TEL, Gasonics, Varian, Axcelis. New & refurbished ceramic Domes. 

Semi and Solar – Sorters(table top or stand alone), Batch Transfer, Stocker,Buffer, ID Readers, Elevators – OEM Solutions.

Photoresist process & Wet cleaning equipment–single wafer. PHOTO - Coat, Develop, Bake & WEE- Lower COO than used equip WET – Clean & Etch( spray & scrub). Reticle cleaner

SEG (Silica Eng Group) http://www.superiorqtz.com

Quartz, Ceramic & Silicon machined parts. AMAT , Lam, Novellus, Gasonic replacement parts. Quartz Acid Tanks (new & repair) R&D - Custom fabrication.

Tempress (Amtech) -http://www.tempress.nl/

INDUSTRY LEADER in SOLAR PROCESS SOLUTIONS. Diffusion/LPCVD furnace systems .Low pressure POCL3 up to 500 wafer loads. Integrated Automation and startup, PECVD, and Implant.

Vacuum Pumps. Refurbish/Repair/Replace. Edwards(IQ, IH & IGX) , Ebara, Alcatel, Stokes, Leybold, Bush & Kinney. OEM parts inventory. Man on site contracts.Valve repair. ISO 9001 certified. Online customer WIP.

Yerico( SNT-USA)- http://www.snt-usa.com

SPARE PARTS/ UPGRADES. Includes Ceramic, Silicon, Quartz, SiC Sapphire & Aluminum. ESC’s (new or refurb), Electrodes,Heater Blocks, Stepper/Scanner chucks Repairs - Mag seals, Torodial orifices, Robots, bellows and valves.

Used or Refurbished equipment platforms. Includes install upgrades for TEL, DNS, Kokusai, AMAT, Nikon, Canon, ASML